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What we are:

At Team-Super we strive to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere where mature gamers come to play games as a community. Team-Super is focused primarily on the idea of an open and respectful community where players get together as comrades to play games in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

How it Works:

Team-Super exists for people to find other respectful and fun players to play their favorite games with. Simply join the Mumble server and enter the channel for whichever game you are interested in playing. This basic system provides members the opportunity to easily find others to play games with at any time, with the assurance that those they find will be like-minded and friendly.

Additionally, there will be events posted on the website, which can be found in both the Home section and the forums for the individual games themselves, where many people interested in a certain game are encouraged to log on at the same time. This ensures that there will be a large sum of players ready to play together at a specific time.

There is no complex sign up or recruitment process – simply log onto our Mumble server and start gaming!

Our Dream:

Our vision is quite simple. We seek to continue growing, eventually becoming a massive community, so that all members can simply log on at any time and find other mature gamers to play with. We welcome you to help make this a reality. All you have to do is log on, play games, and have a great time!

Our History:

Team-Super was founded by Dave Perry in 2003, starting out as a competitive Day Of Defeat team that quickly made a name for itself as one of the best Cal-I and CEVO-M Teams.
In 2006 Super merged with a competitive Counter Strike team known as Legion. That is was when Legion-Gaming was born. Legion-Gaming quickly branched out into various other FPS and RPG games and made a respectable name for itself in many different games, including COD, League of Legends, and Battlefield.


Here listed are all our current public Multi-player servers



Join our 100 man RUST server. We are running a Magma moded server utilising many fun plug-ins to make surviving the RUST wasteland much more fun

Our server is PVP. We have keep Items on death, Kits with Kevlar, M4 and supply Signal. We offer VIP which can give you access to teleporting, Special Kits, reserve slots and other great features. Get VIP by below or by clicking on Home. Feel Free to Hop In our Mumble.

RUST servers

Use /help in game to see available commands. Remember to Group up and Survive!!!

More Servers To Come :)

Paying for servers (web and game) is expensive, and we need as much help and support as we can get

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*Any and All Donations are Greatly Appreciated Thank You


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Team-Super is proudly sponsored by MultiMinecraft.

MultiMinecraft is one of the best minecraft server hosting companies around. They utilise enterprise hardware and the global network to provide lag free gaming services.

MultiMinecraft has sponsored Team-Super for 2 years now and have provided us with our own 1337 slot Mumble server.

We would like to thank Joseph "cookies" Wu (owner of MultiMinecraft) for his generous support.

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